Bring Your Child to Your Optometrist
General / January 10, 2020

Bring Your Child to Your Optometrist in Kitchener

Experts say a significant portion of learning in children under the age 13 occurs visually – about 80%. This realisation underscores the importance of ensuring that your child has good vision right from an early age. Although children’s vision eye problems are common, detection at an early age can greatly help in managing or treating […]

How can an Optometrist in Kitchener help your child?
Eye specialist / December 11, 2019

Optometrist in Kitchener

The health of your child’s eyes is an extremely important component of their overall health. It’s so important, in fact, that the Canadian Association of Optometrists (CAO) strongly recommends that all children have at least one eye examination prior to starting school. In addition, the CAO recommends that all school-age children have at least one comprehensive […]

Why visiting your friendly Optometrist in Kitchener is the bomb!
Vincent Optical Inc / November 19, 2019

If you’re searching for an optometrist in Kitchener, you’ll be hard-pressed to find one that compares to Vincent Optical. We strive to make our customers happy with the services and products we provide, which is why they come back to our store time and time again. The following are just a few of the reasons […]

Why Choose Our Optical Store in Kitchener?
General,Vincent Optical Inc / October 22, 2019

Optical Store in Kitchener

  Your eyesight is incredibly important, which means that if you’re having vision issues, you should get a professional eye exam right away so that you can pick up a pair of glasses or contacts that fit your needs. However, you might have some trouble figuring out which optical store in Kitchener to go to. […]

Is There an Optometrist in Kitchener Near Me?
Eye specialist,Vincent Optical Inc / September 28, 2019

Is There an Optometrist Near Me

The health of your eyes affects your entire life. Your eyes guide you through your everyday life, and you may not realize how vitally important they are until something is wrong. In order to take proper care of your optical health, it’s essential to see an optometrist regularly. Read on to learn why seeing an […]

Eye specialists recommend these healthy foods


  If you don’t take care of yourself, your health will deteriorate. This is true for every part of your body, including your eyes. A lot of people think that eyesight is something that diminishes naturally; however, if you take care of your eyes, you could prevent many of the issues that plague the eyes […]

4 Most common eye diseases for Canadians
Eye specialist / July 16, 2019

4 Most common eye diseases for Canadians

  Scheduling a professional eye exam with an optometrist in Kitchener is something that you should do on a regular basis. Not only will an eye exam determine if your vision has worsened (thereby allowing you to pick up the right prescription eyeglasses), but an eye exam can also help to identify potential eye diseases. […]

Why Vincent Optical Inc. Become the Best Optometrist in Kitchener?

Regular trips to your optometrist are a crucial component to protecting your vision. Not only do optometrists conduct vision tests and prescribe corrected lenses, but they can detect vision and other health issues, such as glaucoma, macular degeneration, and heart disease. Since seeing an optometrist is so vital to your overall vision health, it’s important […]

What an Optometrist in Kitchener Wants You to Know

Unfortunately, many people tend to take their vision for granted – until there’s a problem. That’s when they call the eye doctor. What optometrists want you to know is that there are many things you can do to protect your vision health before there’s an issue. These steps can help to protect your vision and […]

Why Become the Best Optometrist in Kitchener?
Vincent Optical Inc / March 11, 2019

Why Become the Best Optometrist in Kitchener

  Regular trips to your optometrist are a crucial component to protecting your vision. Not only do optometrists conduct vision tests and prescribe corrected lenses, but they can detect vision and other health issues, such as glaucoma, macular degeneration, and heart disease. Since seeing an optometrist is so vital to your overall vision health, it’s […]

Order Contact Lenses Online
Contact Lenses / February 25, 2019


Do you wear contact lenses? Do you currently wear glasses but have always wanted to try contacts? When searching for contact lenses in Kitchener, you probably have a lot of questions. We’ve tried to answer some of the top questions optometrists get about contacts. Are contacts expensive? Contact lenses have come a long way in the […]

Kitchener Optometrist With Exceptional Services
Eye specialist,Lenses / February 11, 2019

Kitchener Optometrist With Exceptional Services

When looking for an optometrist in Kitchener, several different factors make some offices stand out from the rest. Discount eyeglasses stores will claim to give you cheap exams and even cheaper glasses, but when it comes to your vision, do you really want to go to a chain store? Here at Vincent Optical, your vision […]

Is Winter Sun more Dangerous than the Summer Sun?
Eye specialist / January 22, 2019

People tend to associate temperatures with the exposure that they have to the sun. It’s why when summer rolls around, everyone makes sure to put on plenty of sunscreen lotion and to wear sunglasses to protect their eyes. They mistakenly think that once temperatures drop, the dangers of exposure to the sun drops as well. […]

5 Myths about Eyeglasses
Eye Glasses Frames / January 15, 2019

If you’re taking advantage of 2 for 1 eyeglasses in Kitchener, you may have some questions. Whether you’re new to wearing glasses or have been bespectacled for years, you may have heard some of these common myths that we’re about to explore. If you have any questions about your eyeglasses, it’s best to go straight […]

Optometrists in Kitchener Celebrate the Season

Here at Vincent Optical, we love the end of the year because of the holiday spirit that everyone has. One of the reasons this spirit permeates throughout our community is because so many different holidays are celebrated by so many different religions and cultures throughout the end of the year. Kitchener is a very multi-cultural […]

Eyeglasses in Kitchener for Christmas?
Eye Glasses Frames / December 13, 2018

  Christmas is right around the corner, which means if you haven’t started thinking about what you’re going to give to your friends, family, and/or loved ones, you should start now. If you know that the person you’re buying a gift for wears glasses or has had the same pair of glasses for some time […]

Why do optometrists blow air in your eye?
Eye specialist,General / November 29, 2018

Best Optometrist in Kitchener

  First, going to an optometrist is something that you should be doing every one to two years. Obviously you’ll want to find the best optometrist in Kitchener to do that. A licenced optometrist will check your vision to determine if you need glasses or contacts or whether you need to upgrade your current prescription […]

Where do smart people go to get their eyes checked
Eye specialist / November 20, 2018

Eye Specialist in Kitchener

Your eye health is just as important as the health of any other part of your body, yet many people do not get regular eye exams even if they do go to their doctors for routine physical check-ups. Your eye health is not something you should ignore, especially since it can be difficult to tell […]

How to protect your eyes in the winter


When it comes to protecting your eyes while you’re outdoors, almost everyone knows that wearing sunglasses in Kitchener Waterloo or anywhere for that matter, during the summer season is a smart thing to do. However, even though we associate summers with bright sunshine and glare, it can actually get a lot worse during the winter […]

Why and When Should You Consult an Optometrist?
General,Polarized sunglasses / October 20, 2018

  The optometrist (also known as the eye doctor or eye specialist) is not someone that you probably make a concerted effort to see on a regular basis. For some reason, a lot of people will make it a point to go see their physician regularly even if nothing is wrong with them–yet they don’t […]

How to Choose the Right Sunglasses
General / October 4, 2018

  Choosing the right sunglasses in Kitchener Waterloo can be a bit of a challenge. While it’s true that they are an accessory that should fit your own personal style, that’s not the only factor that you should consider. The following are a few other factors that you should keep in mind when choosing sunglasses […]

Why do optometrists dilate your eyes?
Eye specialist / October 3, 2018

  Are you wondering why your optometrist or eye specialist sometimes dilates your eyes during an eye examination? Well, it’s to protect your health. A standard eye exam in Kitchener, that does not include dilating your eyes, is used primarily to detect and manage vision problems, but it does not provide a thorough look at the overall […]

5 Reasons to get your child’s vision checked
Eye specialist,General / September 20, 2018

Have you made an appointment for an eye exam in Kitchener for your child yet? According to the Canadian Association of Optometrists, children should have their first eye exam between six and nine months old and the second exam by three years of age or earlier if there is any suspected vision issues. Here are […]

Why Its Important to See Your Optometrist Every Year
General / September 19, 2018

  Most of us take our eyes for granted. Those of us lucky enough to have healthy eyes that allow us to see the world around us clearly may not realize how difficult life would be if that changed. That’s why it’s so important to take care of your eyes. And one of the essential […]

How to Differentiate Cheap Eyeglasses From Good Quality Ones?
General,Vincent Optical Inc / September 7, 2018

  Eyeglasses can be expensive, but if you need them, they’re necessary to see properly. It may be tempting to buy a cheap pair of glasses online or in some super store, but there are several different reasons why this may not be a good idea. Let’s take a look at why buying your eyeglasses […]

How optometrists test your eyes?

  Taking care of your eyes is important. Vision can change over the years, no matter your age, and without regular eye exams by an eye specialist in Kitchener, more specifically an optometrist, you may not have an updated prescription. Without the proper prescription, you may be squinting or straining to see properly, which can […]

Eyeglasses vs Contact Lenses

  Having imperfect vision can make life very challenging, even if your eyesight isn’t that bad. The slightest vision problem can affect your ability to perform everyday tasks, whether it’s driving, running or reading. Because of this, you probably already have or will soon get yourself some prescription eyeglasses or contact lenses in Kitchener to […]

What is the difference between optometrist or ophthalmologist?
General / July 26, 2018

Taking care of your eyes means regular eye exams and treatment when necessary. When it comes time to make an appointment, however, do you know what type of eye doctor you need to see – an optometrist or ophthalmologist? These two eye practices confuse many people and some even erroneously use these terms interchangeably. While […]

Why you need prescription sunglasses

  Do you need to wear prescription sunglasses? First and foremost, if you wear prescription eye glasses then you should certainly get a pair of prescription sunglasses too. Of course you should also look at investing in a pair of prescription sunglasses if you are involved in specific outdoor activities or have an active outdoor […]

“Do you carry Ray-Ban Sunglasses?”
Polarized sunglasses / April 28, 2017

This is the number one question we hear when a customer comes in looking for sunglasses. Ray-Ban is arguably the best-selling brand throughout eye wear history. There is a pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses to suit any face shape and every style. Suitable for prescription and non-prescription wearers, this iconic brand can be worn by everyone! […]

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